Charter – Explore the archipelago all year round.

You know you can travel with us all year round right? Sail with us out to Dyrön, line 326 runs from Rökan on Marstrandsvägen every day all year round.

Why not take your work team, customers or family out on a tour of the archipelago?

Our home waters are along the coast around Marstrand, Tjörn, Stenungsund and Orust, but we’ll happily pick up guests in Gothenburg and head up north to show you all the amazing gems we know so well.

Gunnar’s Boat Trips has long-standing, special partnerships with the majority of restaurants and conference venues along the routes we take. If you’d like food and drink on board, we are fully licensed and serve catch of the day seafood.

Around Tjörn

This trip takes a good 3,5 hours. Everything from the fjord in between the islands out to the open sea, passing places such as Skärhamn, Klädesholmen and Kyrkesund.

Around the islands

A tour that takes you around the archipelago in two hours. You’ll see the islands in the Marstrand fjord and experience its distinctive nature up close.

Wedding in the archipelago

Book a boat trip in connection with your wedding, maybe a brunch on board?

Marstrand – Käringön

We take you between two of Bohuslän’s most famous gems along the beautiful E6 at sea. The tour goes over the Marstrand fjord and in between the islands past Klädesholmen, Skärhamn, Kyrkesund and Mollösund. Once at Käringön we can recommend a visit to Peterson´s Krog, offering dining right on the water’s edge.

Gothenburg – Marstrand

Why not visit Marstrand by sea? On a 2-hour trip, we can take you from Lilla Bommen or anywhere else from the Port of Gothenburg up past islands such as Fotö, Hönö, Öckerö, Hälsö, Björkö, Knippla, Hyppeln and Rörö. Then, it’s just Sälöfjorden before we reach Albrektsund channel on the way into Marstrand. Once there, you will encounter an exciting story in a wonderful village. Marstrand has a wide range of restaurants and accommodation on offer. The village is also known as a sailing paradise with regular events during the summer.

If you’d like, we can arrange a bus trip for the homeward journey. The cost of the bus trip is extra.

Our partners in Marstrand are

Tips for going ashore


Restaurant & spa facility


Mollösunds Wärdhus, harbor life & fishing


“Magasinet” on Härön & the narrow sailing channel


Nordic Watercolor Museum, restaurants & shopping


The restaurant “Salt & Sill”, the herring museum & the herring factories


Skärgår´n tavern and brewing centre


Åstols rökeri, Åstol’s café and unique buildings


Trålveket, walking trails & awesome nature


With pilot lookout and breathtaking views